Ok but srsly
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    My hairdresser is literally one of my favorite people. He's the kindest and the quietest and the coolest.
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    He convinced me to go pink and to rock an undercut. I trust him more than most people - I let him use a razor on my head so 💁🏼
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    It smells so good - like hair dye (a v v comforting smell for me) and shampoo and Moroccan argan oil
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    SHAMPOO aka a gentle and amazing head massage for like 20 minutes
    Oh man. I wish it was socially acceptable to come to the salon just to have my hair washed
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    The guy who washed my hair was so gentle and sweet that afterwards I almost proposed
    I held off. Barely.
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    It leaves me feeling fresh and clean and happy.
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    They greet me by naaaaame
    They legit love me cuz I've recommended them to so many people.
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    Sipping on a Diet Coke and reading a magazine just feels glam👏🏼our👏🏼ous👏🏼
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    Have I mentioned how much I adore my hairdresser?!? Today he told me: "you're one of THE kindest people I've met in singapore. I love when you come in!"
    This man is behind some of my favorite hair of my life ok?!
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    Today it was really just cleaning up my hair that I'm attempting to "grow out" but it still ended up so great