Disclaimer: there's an embarrassing amount of TSwift
  1. "Fall to Pieces" - Avril Lavigne
  2. "Skinny Love" - Bon Iver
  3. "Body Out of Birmingham - Captain Captain Cutie Pie
  4. "The Girl" - City and Colour
    A n g s t (acoustic style)
  5. "Trouble" - Coldplay
  6. "Stolen" - Dashboard Confessional
    Teenage angst
  7. "What Sarah Said" - Death Cab for Cutie
    They WANT you to ugly cry to this one tbh
  8. "Rivers and Roads" - The Head and the Heart
    But honestly who hasn't?
  9. "How He Loves" - Jesus Culture
  10. "You and Me" - Lifehouse
  11. "Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet?" - Relient K
  12. "Deathbed" - Relient K
  13. "I Need You" - Relient K
  14. "Manhattan" - Sara Bareilles
  15. "Breathe" - Taylor Swift
    People are people and sometimes we change our minds / YOU'RE THE ONLY THING I KNOW LIKE THE BACK OF MY HAND
  16. "Fifteen" - Taylor Swift
  17. "You Belong With Me" - Taylor Swift
  18. "White Horse" - Taylor Swift
    The Fearless album was important to me ok
  19. "Teardrops on My Guitar" - Taylor Swift
    GUYS I VIVIDLY REMEMBER THIS: I skipped church and listened to this song on repeat and sobbed. 10th grade was turbulent.
  20. "Here Without You" - 3 Doors Down
    OH SHOOT 😂😂😂