Things I have done in the 48 hours of Christmas break I have had thus far

  1. Watched La La Land and didn't get home til midnight
    I have a LOT of feelings about it. And I haven't discussed them. But A LOT.
  2. Almost threw up/slept only 4 hours because of the shitstorm of HS drama that hit on the last day of the semester
    I teach at a tiny high school and let me just tell you, it was huuuuge and has been on my mind constantly since. I care too much.
  3. Flew to Penang because that's where my fam is ✈️🙌🏼
  4. Went straight from the airport to the movie theater to see Rogue One
    I also have a lot of feelings about that. I need to watch a movie with a happy ending I tell ya. But it was good overall.
  5. Slept 13 hours
    GLORIOUS SLEEP. All during finals week I slept 5 hours or less and my body/brain were very angry at me. Sleep is beautiful.
  6. Listened to five episodes of Serial
    I know I'm late to the game, but I'm obsessed. Such good story telling.
    I'm so so happy with this film. It gave me warm fuzzies, yet was also darker than expected. I just really loved it.
  8. Finished a book
    And am of course reading another. I literally brought 10 books with me. Hahaha. I hope I'm focused enough to read them all.
  9. I'm hopeful that most of the rest of my break will be similar to this