Zac Efron as Troy Bolton that is
  2. "I'm feeling my high school feels really intensely right now"
  3. "I've watched this movie so many times that one time I watched ONLY the people in the background so that I literally know everything that is happening in every scene"
    With regards to the first movie
  4. "Hey remember when our basketball team used to warm up to 'Getcha Head In The Game?' Classic"
  5. "That is such A LOOK"
    Regarding Troy in a baseball tee
  6. "I learned this choreography"
  7. "I remember being so mad that this movie came out on like the first day of school but it was all about summer?? Like what kind of MOVE was that??"
    Cmon Disney channel
    About at least 6 skngs
  9. "Zac Efron could get it"
  10. "Why did no boy ever ask me to dance on a rooftop in the rain?!"
    Thanks for the unrealistic expectations, DISNEY
  11. "It is embarrassing how much of these scripts I remember..."
  12. "I am Ms. Darbus tho"
  13. "Now I remember. This is why Ben wore a bandana like that all of senior year"
    *in reference to Troy's bandana in "The Boys Are Back" in HSM 3
  14. "I am so freakin happy right now"
    At least 5x today