Aka the majority of the year. I go back for 8 weeks in the summer and I eat so much it is inSANE. Also now I'm craving all of these things I did not think this through.
  1. Cracker Barrel
    LISTEN. The craving I have for biscuits and gravy and Momma's Pancake Breakfast and hash brown casserole canNOT be satiated by cafe food in Singapore.....where the bacon is typically served Australian style aka floppy and gross. Also, just nostalgia of like looking at the weird toys and stuff.
  2. Chick-Fil-A
    IT IS THE FIRST THING I WANT TO EAT EVERY TIME. Classic chicken sandwich or a milkshake or a frickin chicken biscuit. P.S. Have you had their frozen coffee????
  3. Taco Casa 🌮
    This is an Alabama thing but wow yes it's a craving. Soft hot tacos please - like 10 of them.
  4. Five Guys
    I want a lil cheese burger all the way with green peppers and A1 sauce and CAJUN FRIES. A WHOLE BAG OF CAJUN FRIES. Oh em geeeeee
  5. Taziki's
    Friday pasta pleeeeeeeease. Is this another Alabama thing? Not sure.
  6. ZOE'S
    Yes yes yes. Tossed Greek Salad and their chocolate chip cookies.
  7. Panera
    The mac & cheese and salads and sandwiches and tomato soup. I dunno why, I just love it. Plus I've always felt like the lady on the logo truly gets how I feel about bread.
  8. Taco Mama
    Birmingham thing. But the redneck tacos?????????? Chipotle mac & cheese? There's a reason this place gets packed out.
  9. Milo's
    The best sweet tea/FRIES/like each burger comes with 1.5 patties which is great/BBQ sauce on the burger. I can TASTE IT.
  10. Zaxby's
    Kickin. Chicken. SANDWICH. I crave that so badly.
  11. Pretty much any kind of pizza that doesn't cost a million dollars
    Like it does here. Domino's or Papa John's or Hungry Howie's 🍕🍕🍕