As I am about to board a 13.5 hour one from Singapore to London (then on to Miami and then on to Birmingham🙌🏼)
  1. Well, never ever sleep
    I have been flying since I was 6 weeks old. That may have been the last time I slept on a plane. I get 20 minute snatches and that is it. I bought a fancy neck pillow for this one in hopes that I will be able to sleep. I don't have a lot of hope.
  2. Watch movies.
    This is obvious. I make a plan of attack list for which movies to watch
  3. Write down my impressions of these movies
    They are usually incredibly emotional
  4. On that note, cry
    There has never been a long flight that I didn't cry on - seriously. Airplanes are inherently emotional spaces. The altitude and the leaving and the arriving and the no sleep and the strangers ?? Crying. All the crying.
  5. Get up at least once an hour
    Aisle seats are a MUST for me. I get up and go to the bathroom even if I don't have to or do yoga stretches by the bathrooms
  6. Shoes off/fuzzy socks
    My feet swell. I really need compression socks. Also it has a way of making it feel like a sleepover with several hundred strangers.
  7. Wash my face several times
    With face wash. It keeps me human.
  8. Ugh try to eat the gross plane food
    But I also bring snacks like almonds and pocky/pepero
  9. Drink lots of water
    Every time I ask for water and every other time I ask for a Diet Coke to go with it - my aspartame addiction is real and I'm ok with it
  10. Journal
    This goes with the emotions
  11. Read!
    Sadly I find it difficult to do this on long flights. It's my go-to for short ones but can be difficult on the long ones for some reason. I bought Me Before You for my kindle anyway - we will see.
  12. Watch TV Shows
    How is this different from watching movies you ask? Well, I'll tell you, it is. Tv shows are shorter but also make time feel like it is passing faster. Magic.
  13. Never talk to the people next to me
    Seriously I definitely put out a "leave me alone" vibe and I'm ok with that 💁🏼
  14. Whisper "this is what hell is like" over and over under my breath
    I hate long plane rides so deeply but I love the results they yield so here I am 🤗
  15. Lip sync passionately to some jams in the dark
    The obvious pick for this now is the Hamilton soundtrack 👊🏼