*ok ok jogging
  1. Ew ew ew ew I HATE THIS
    *cue Tom Haverford's whiny voice*
  2. I would make a great Angelica in Hamilton
  3. Why does this part of the park always smell like rice? Even at 5 am?
  4. How long have I been running now?
    *looks at fitbit* x 10000
  5. I AM A BOSS
  6. I wonder how Justin Bieber is doing
    "No but how are you *really* doing, Justin?" (Basically I'm JBieb's therapist in my mind)
  7. IS THAT A RAT??
  8. I think someone is following me
    OH GOSH OH GOSH wait no never mind
  9. I think about my students a lot tbh
    But what else is new?
  10. Theological stuff??
  11. Focus on learning ALL THE HAMILTON lyrics