@ Santa 🙄🙄
  1. twenty-one pilots tickets
  2. socks
  3. new carpet
    my current carpet is lime green shag from the 70s so this isn't a strange request at all
  4. twenty-one pilots tickets
  5. running leggings
    yay running. yay sports. track woo.
  6. Nike sneakers
    if I'm gonna b sporty I should do it in style
  7. sweaters lots and lots of sweaters
  8. clothes in general yea
  9. iPhone chargers
    I need to start keeping iPhone chargers everywhere because my phones always dying. I need a school charger. an upstairs charger. a down stairs charger. a car charger. and probably an extra charger in case any of those break
  10. twenty-one pilots tickets
  11. a chain type choker necklace
    very specific but I had a cute one with an arrow on it and it broke and now I'm sad
  12. a dog
  13. a cat
  14. another cat
  15. cats
  16. stuff from "the stay at home club"
  17. stuff from "studio of Manhattan designs"
  18. stuff
  19. lots and lots of stuff
  20. necklaces are cute
  21. so are earrings
  22. and bracelets
  23. Jewelry is cool
  24. stuff stuff stuff
  25. for @rachellewis to give me the automatic key locker thing
    it's been raining a lot and it's so sad when I have to manually unlock the doors while I'm in the rain
  26. concert tickets
  27. specifically twenty-one pilots tickets
  28. shoe laces for my converse (-:
  29. lip sticks 💋