i put animated bc like I probably will make a whole other list dedicated to princess diaries the high school musicals hannah Montana and things of that nature💁🏻
  1. the lion king
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  2. the lion king 2
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    I don't care if you hate sequels but this one was a blessing from God
  3. the little mermaid
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    fun fact I one played Ariel in a school play💁🏻
  4. Winnie the Pooh movie
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    it's a sin not to love this guy and I stand firmly on that statement
  5. toy story
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  6. toy story 2
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  7. toy story 3
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  8. Hercules
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    76% of the reason I love this movie so much is probably because Meg is rly fierce. 20% is the soundtrack. and 4% is the plot (it's good but Meg dominates the whole thing gotta love her)
  9. wreck it Ralph
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  10. finding nemo
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  11. it would be easier to just write "all of them" tbh
    I had to stop at 10 because the list is never ending. (((shout out to all the princesses who didn't make this list!!!!!! love u guys!!!!!!!))))