In no particular order...I find this list is constantly growing each time through the series. These are those who uniquely touch me. Just because some are missing doesn't mean I don't also love them on some level.
  1. Hermione Granger
    What girl didn't want to be as smart, brave, tenacious, witty, and eventually gorgeous as this character? I think our love for Emma Watson stems partly from the love for this character.
  2. Molly Weasley
    The mom we all want in life...she fights to the death to protect her family, and her family are not just those who are blood related. A woman underestimated by most...she reminds me of my own mom.
  3. Ginny Weasley
    Yes she gets the hero...but I adore her for her independent soul. She is the only woman to know and defeat the voice of Voldemort.
  4. The Weasley Twins
    They fight the darkest with humor and wit...what else do you want?
  5. Luna Lovegood
    This is my favorite character. Luna is not ashamed to be who she is, even if it is not a popular thing to be. Luna is smart, kind, caring, positive, funny, dorky, unusual, and strong. I wanted to be just like her!
  6. Dobby
    Loyalty and courage...this house elf had it all!
  7. Ron Weasley
    I think Ron and the readers always wondered why he was BFF with Harry...but like Sam from LOTR, Ron is for me the reason why Harry could keep from being sucked into the dark of his situation. Ron gives light to their this guy!
  8. Aunt Petunia
    I know...what is she doing on this list?? It wasn't just the love of one mother that protected Harry...his aunt did, under it all, care for him...she took him into her home and gave him her protection...maybe she wasn't the best person...but she did care for him.
  9. Snape
    Love like his for Lily doesn't happen in literature often. A complicated character that I see humanity in. We are not all good or all bad, same with Snape. I love his complex soul.
  10. Draco Malfoy
    Such a lonely soul that people love to hate. He was loyal to his family and forced into situations based on his name. This sucks. But under it all there is a heart, how many times was it he who helped save Harry Potter?
  11. Harry Potter
    There are times I hate the way HP acts, the way he treats people...but this is so human of him. He never got a choice and he strove to maintain a level of perspective that is incredible and only possible due to those around him.