Ah, the staple of college students, kids, and adults who have to survive the last four days until payday. Mac and Cheese is essential, and the instant cup of Mac and Cheese? Well, life just got better. Here are the three brands I have had and am ranking in order from worst to best. May the best noodle win.
  1. Trader Joe's Instant Mac and Cheese
    First of all...Rice noodles? Um, no thank you. This cup is a gross sticky mess and the cheese tastes moldy...every time! I already know I am delving into an unhealthy cup of goodness...why would I want it to harden after 3 minutes? And the container melts...so cheap. Pass.
  2. Kraft Instant Mac and Cheese
    Close to being the best. It's a classic. Done right it can take you back to the many years of good times as a child...unless you are one. Downside? The instant just cannot compare with the actual Mac and Cheese from a box...don't know why...it just can't.
  3. And the WINNER IS...Velveeta Shells and Cheese!! 💜
    Literally pasta crack in a cup. The cook is always spot on if you follow the instructions. The creamy goodness of the Velveeta cheese just cannot be beat! Plus, shells are so much fun! My favorite by far!