Places in History I wish NBC's Timeless would go

Love this show! Here are a few places in history or people in history I wish they would go to...this show is awesome!
  1. Assassination of the Archduke and his wife in Austria/Hungry
    Because who doesn't want to learn more about the mayhem that started WWI.
  2. The assassination of JFK
    Ok, you know this one is coming...
  3. ...assassination of MLK
    Yes I get that this is a lot of assassinations...but they all shaped America.
  4. 9/11
    This may be too modern, but it needs to happen...just not sure how??
  5. Black Tuesday
    Aka the stock market crash...
  6. Woodstock
    This would be amazing!!
  7. Apollo 13 Landing
    Tom Hanks made this moment epic. Timeless should go with the notoriety.