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just some things that are currently distracting me from how lame my life actually is.
  1. Roadies
    The new show on Showtime about well, roadies for a band. Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire, Say Anything) and JJ Abrams (Star Wars, Lost) seriously enough said. So good.
  2. Anna Faris' podcast
    She is the most wonderful kind, lovely, hilarious person. So funny and actually some really smart insight on life. Protect your heart.
  3. Rooney
    Dudes, remember Rooney?? I didn't until I watched an old episode of the OC where they went to see them live. Well anyway, they have a new album and it's fantastic. Michael Moscovitz 4ever.
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  1. Taylor Swift.
  2. Taylor Swift's ex boyfriend.
  3. Taylor Swift's new boyfriend.
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and for some reason she still loves me.
  1. an inflatable unicorn horn.
  2. a Santa hat and beard.
  3. a pumpkin shirt.
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I'm convinced, are you?
  1. Don't be so self-centered you assholes. You really think we are the only beings in this whole wide universe?
    The universe is 93 billion light years big. Even if you don't know what that means it sounds impressive right?
  2. The former Canadian defense minister, Paul Hellyer said that the government is covering it all up.
    He was actually a part of the government. He had access to those files. He knows. AND He thinks that the government should tell everyone the truth.
  3. The Men in Black are a real thing!!
    Several people have claimed encounters with them and some even think they themselves are aliens.
4 more...
  1. made myself a cake.
  2. got a massage.
    my yearly birthday tradition.
  3. got my free drink from Starbucks.
    because I'm basic. and also love coffee.
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because my life is soooooo interesting.
  1. What the F*%# Did I Spill All Over My Shirt.
  2. Sorry I Already have Plans with my Cat.
  3. Where Did This Bruise Come From?
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so I finally decided to go for it. I know I'm like 5 years late. note that all of these things were most likely yelled not just said.
  1. "EW"
  2. "Jesus Christ"
  3. "okay I get it. he's pretty hot."
13 more...
  1. a half eaten apple.
  2. a bag of spinach.
  3. vanilla cake batter.
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I recently saw Mockingjay Part 2 which had a trailer for Allegiant before it and now I am currently watching Scorch Trials. I'm just all about them YA post-apocalyptic books turned into movies.
  1. so much running.
    it's all running. like so much running. nothing but running.
  1. Bake
    cake. cookies. pie. whatever. doing something with my hands helps me process.
  2. Read
    because sometimes it's easier to be in the head of someone else for a while.
  3. Private Dance Party
    one of the many great things I have learned from Grey's Anatomy.
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