Reasons I believe aliens are real.

I'm convinced, are you?
  1. Don't be so self-centered you assholes. You really think we are the only beings in this whole wide universe?
    The universe is 93 billion light years big. Even if you don't know what that means it sounds impressive right?
  2. The former Canadian defense minister, Paul Hellyer said that the government is covering it all up.
    He was actually a part of the government. He had access to those files. He knows. AND He thinks that the government should tell everyone the truth.
  3. The Men in Black are a real thing!!
    Several people have claimed encounters with them and some even think they themselves are aliens.
  4. Hieroglyphics.
    The ancient Egyptians carved tiny spaceships and helicopters? really?
  5. Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong both confirmed they saw and even interacted with aliens!
    They aren't the only astronauts to say so either, several other have claimed sightings of ufos. Another big one Dr. Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14.
  6. NASA has cut livestream
    There is a livestream video from the space station viewing the Earth and NASA has interrupted it several times when something foreign is seen in the video.
  7. I want to believe.