Things I'm into right now.

just some things that are currently distracting me from how lame my life actually is.
  1. Roadies
    The new show on Showtime about well, roadies for a band. Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire, Say Anything) and JJ Abrams (Star Wars, Lost) seriously enough said. So good.
  2. Anna Faris' podcast
    She is the most wonderful kind, lovely, hilarious person. So funny and actually some really smart insight on life. Protect your heart.
  3. Rooney
    Dudes, remember Rooney?? I didn't until I watched an old episode of the OC where they went to see them live. Well anyway, they have a new album and it's fantastic. Michael Moscovitz 4ever.
  4. Pokemon GO
  5. Ghostbusters
    SO GOOD. I have went to see it twice and I never go to the movie theater to see movies. The original is one of my favorite movie anyway, so it was so cool to see it with some badass ladies. I'm not even a kid and it made me want to go study and become a scientist so I can be as cool as Holtzmann, I can imagine what actual little girls are thinking. It made me so happy, and I have my Halloween costume picked out now.
  6. Ukulele
    Yep. I am learning to play the ukulele. Because I don't know how to play any instrument so I decided why not choose the one that will make me seem like I'm quirky and cool. Or is it lame now? Or has it moved to ironic? Where are we on the ukulele?
  7. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
    I'm not very far into it yet because I work all the time and when I'm not working I need sleep. But, I dig it so far. It's for sure different but if it's Harry Potter, I'm into it.