First-year teaching is hard on your mind and soul, and as detailed here, on your body.
  1. Eye rash
    This is very itchy and red, but also scaly? Spreads from above eye to below eye to other eye.
  2. Hand rash
    This is like the eye rash, but without the scales. Been using the cream they gave me for the eye rash, doesn't seem to be making it worse
  3. Fatigue
    Some people might say, you mean you're tired? But this is like I go through periods of time where I can't stand up
  4. 4 sinus infections
    They just kept coming back.
  5. Sleeplessness
    I just lay here and make lists now
  6. Teeth clenching
    In my sleep. I wake up with a jaw-headache
  7. Allergies
    This one is probably not due to stress, but ugh
  8. Back pain
    Already had it, but pretty sure it's worse
  9. Irregular bowel movements
    Srry 💩