1. Maybe someone has posted something on Instagram in the last three minutes?
  2. I found a point-by-point comparison of yeti tumblers to Walmart brand tumblers, neither of which I have ever used
  3. @rushbomb on Twitter
  4. I wonder if that guy from freshman spring is dating that girl he met that time still
  5. Someone I don't really know from a long time ago eloped
  6. I wonder what the stars from my favorite primetime programs are up to?
  7. Lesson plans
  8. I fell asleep on the couch, but I finally moved to my bed, but somehow, in the 12 steps from couch to bed, I have lost all semblance of drowsiness.
  9. Ugggggghhhhh I think I had half a coffee at 4:30.
  10. I didn't get up and turn the TV off before the 14 seconds between episodes were up.
  11. I bit my nails real bad and they are HURTING.
  12. Only 40 more pages!!
  13. The porch light is on and it's shining through my window and it's keeping me awake enough to not be asleep but not awake enough to get up and go turn it off.