We have not owned a TV in 7 years
  1. Me: Let's buy one
    I'm tired of watching Gilmore Girls on my little iPad.
  2. Him: Let's wait
    Think of where we could put that money right now.
  3. Me: Yeah let's wait.
    I mean we've lived so long without one.
  4. Me: Ugh let's just buy the damn tv
    Your bonus check was bigger than we thought. You deserve it! (And I want to watch The Mindy Project with real speakers and a screen i don't have to shift when the sun comes through the house.)
  5. Me: Seriously let's just get it
    They're on sale this week!!! We can get the uber extra maximum HDQz whatever it is for like $600 bucks!
  6. Him: if we do this we have to get the best one
    I'm not watching nature documentaries on anything less.
  7. Him: let's wait so we can get an even better one
    I don't want to just blow $600 bucks on something cheap if we can get something incredible for a few hundred more. Let me do more research.
  8. Me (in my head): Ugh, research.
  9. Me (out loud): Ok :)
  10. Me and him: this isn't so bad anyway
    [we sit together on the couch watching Fixer Upper] and we've gone this long! It's going to feel so good when we get one.
  11. Him (on Sunday morning): all I want to do is sit in my chair right now and watch a movie
    The battle continues