And truly I love the gym since I get to work with a really amazing instructor but ugh Monday's can be brutal.
  1. Denial and isolation
    It's not so much about denial of being there. I'm VERY aware that I am there. But I'm in total denial that it's about the be the WORST. Isolation is is real too. Those two girls always chatting next to me. I hate them. Can we find nirvana in our Monday morning self loathing please?
  2. Anger
    I hate this. This has to be someone's fault. Who can I hate for doing this to me???!! Oh right I did this to me. I hate Monday morning me.
  3. Bargaining
    Maybe I'll just rest my foot on the floor during this set of one leg squats so it's easier. I deserve that. I'm HERE right!? No you fool you're already half way through this set. Just fucking finish strong. I can't. Just do it bitch. Man, Monday me is mean. #bipolar
  4. Depression
    This is such a setback. I was having the best week of work outs last week. And clearly it was for nothing and it's all be lost. I might as well just leave after an hour and go home and eat pancakes. I suck. Everything sucks.
  5. Acceptance (5 minutes before training is over)
    Well At least I came! It's Monday morning and I complete a training session and I think maybe even that oblique set was easier than it was last week. Now I can have coffee and breakfast and make a list of what I need to do today (mind starts racing into all productive activities to come...) It wasn't the best workout but I came right!? Go me! #happymondayall