Admittedly I have not been to high holiday services in many years but I still feel very connected to the Jewish new year. To this day I always feel like my new year starts in September. Shana Tova!
  1. Apples and honey 🍎🍯
    Obviously. I loved the children service that ended with art projects and apple slices (slightly brown) and little plastic bowls of honey to dip in. So sweet. Such a lovely tradition.
  2. Round Challah (no raisins please)
    This was special round challah!!! Somehow it tasted so different from braided challah.
  3. Challah dipped in honey
    Even better than apples because this is bread and honey. I repeat, fresh delicious bread and sticky sugary honey. Bliss.
  4. Dinner at nanny and zadie's house
    Even though we went to a different synagogue we always made our way to my grandparents house for for dinner. I can still taste the baked chicken, rice pilaf, and my very favorite matzoh ball soup.
  5. Attempting to blow the shofar (unsuccessfully usually)
    Maybe it's gross but I can still smell the shofar. Sort if musty. And just that feeling of trying so hard that you almost want to pass out but alas! no sound!
  6. Hearing the shofar blown correctly
    Tekia....Shevarim teruah...I just really love this sound. It's nostalgic and safe.
  7. Reflection and starting a new year
    This didn't happen till I was much older but this always felt like a special time to reflect and set goals for the new year. School had just begun and the whole year lay ahead!