My sweet loveable family dog Brody has kidney failure. He's doing well for the moment with some doggy dialysis but it has me appreciating all the times he was just the best dog that I've ever known. Happy to honor him today!
  1. The time he sat adorably on a rock. #zenmaster
  2. The time he played peekaboo so perfectly
  3. The time he couldn't come to my wedding but showed up for some pre wedding photos
  4. When he visited New Orleans and it turned out he looked just like Blue dog
  5. When he helped me with my knitting
  6. The time this thing was on his head for about 5 minutes straight
  7. The time he was a Jewish Christmas elf and wouldn't share the toy he made in Santa's workshop
  8. Every time he suggested a sibling selfie and totally out shined his sisters
  9. When he made this face that can only be described actually can't be described. I literally don't know how he made this face
  10. The time he dressed in his finest to greet guests at my baby shower
  11. I love you Brody!