She's not super into social media and not yet on list app but making lists about Gilmore Girls might be what gets her on here.
  1. Texts about BIG GG news
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    Obviously the news of the revival created a stir of emotions.
  2. Texts of wonderment
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    Will everyone be there?? Until we know Luke is present and accounted for anxiety runs high.
  3. Texts of deep, deep yearning
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    I honestly don't know how we'll wait for this now that we know it's coming.
  4. Posts about the actors
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    Even though watching Lauren in other shows/movies isn't the same (although Parenthood was perfection) we stay involved in her career because we're team Lorelei forever and ever.
  5. Posts with BuzzFeed quizzes
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    I'm a Lorelei, she's a Sookie.
  6. Random quotes post
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    It's like thunder dome in here...
  7. Posts with epic quotes
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    Ladies and gentleman, the amazing Emily Gilmore.
  8. Poems that incorporate epic quotes
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    Yes, we are THAT good.
  9. Crafted gifts that incorporate GG references
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    Luke...WHO AM I!??