Inspired by @ohheymary and @ChrisK for suggesting a sharing week! Thanks!
  1. I have a lot of social anxiety
    I consider canceling plans with people every time. I don't. But it's part of my process. Once I'm out I'm totally fine but the anticipation is so challenging.
  2. I find safety in routine
    I love my routines. They make me feel like the world is ok. I can stray from them of course and function just fine but even in my adventurous moments I'm finding ways to get back to my normal rhythms. I'm truly a creature of habit.
  3. I'm really sensitive
    As a child I cried when people looked at me wrong. As an adult I question if someone's tone was angry or if maybe I did something to upset them. And if I'm watching TV or a movie that hits too close to home I can't watch it. When I watched the season finale of how I met your mother I cried for an hour (granted I was 6 months pregnant) and to this day I haven't watched even one episode again. It was too traumatizing.
  4. I'm cautious
    I've done some cool things that would suggest otherwise. I've run a marathon and a tough mudder, traveled the country in a car and lived in a tent, backpacked Europe, hike down the Grand Canyon, and lived in many places without friends or family around. But ultimately I really like rules and boundaries. If a sign tells me to do something I'm the first to obey and rarely question authority.
  5. I'm strong
    I started competitive gymnastics at age 7. My body even at its worst can still find its way back to 20+ consecutive push-ups, countless crunches and a handful of unassisted chin ups. I can pretty much mental my way through most challenges because I know my body can handle it. although getting older is definitely changing things...
  6. I'm introverted
    I'm the first to smile at someone. And will always say hello. I don't have trouble talking to people. But I like being alone. And if I'm with others for too long I have to go reset and be on my own. Sometimes that means running to the bathroom and just having a moment of quiet when I'm out with a lot of people. At the end of the day I just want to be with my own thoughts to clear my head and internalize the events of the day.
  7. Sappy things make me cry
    Commercials. Sitcoms. When music changes in a movie and even suggests a happy ending is about to occur. When the audience at a show stands up and claps for the performers. The reveals on love it or list it. Sometimes these things make me cry more than "real" things that probably should make me cry. The real stuff just takes me a lot longer to process.