And this is not just "I've had a few rough nights" tired. This is "I have not slept 8 consecutive hours in 9 months and often only sleep in 2 hour increments" tired #parenthood
  1. Leave my house keys on the roof of the car without realizing
    And only realize when I hear something clanky hit the ground. I've done this twice.
  2. Put my phone down in a bowl of oatmeal
    Speaker sounds very strange now when I play videos
  3. Stand in my kitchen staring into space for several moments
    Because I can't remember why I walked in there.
  4. Spill water in my bag where my phone is
    I don't deserve an iPhone or anything of value for that matter. I'm out to destroy.
  5. Forget how to do simple tasks
    My brain says "lower the steering wheel" my arms hesitate and turn on the blinker...then the wind shield wipers..damnit!!!!
  6. Misplace everything
    Keys, phone, water bottle, Chapstick, Chargers...the list goes on and on. It's infuriating.
  7. Fumble my words
    Words that used to flow suddenly have fallen out of my vocabulary completely. I honesty don't even have example. But I am a fraction of the intelligent/professional person I once was. I pray this comes back with time, sleep and integration back into the working world.
  8. Zone out
    I sometimes just stare into space. And it takes several moments to get my vision back in focus
  9. Drop everything
    I'm starting to think its neurological
  10. I function at a higher level than I should
    I workout, I clean, I manage finances, I care for a baby full time, I remember birthdays, keep in touch with family and friends, enjoy my life, eat healthy and cook often. I knit. I sell my knitting. I schedule appointments. I stay present in my marriage. I Somehow make it work on the least amount of sleep I've ever had in my life.