I like a good challenge
  1. A purple hat
    Simple enough
  2. Fingerless gloves
    I makes lots and lots of these! Fun fun!
  3. An ear of corn
    It's just getting interesting
  4. A dishcloth
    I promise these work better than sponges
  5. A giant eggplant
    Per request by my sister
  6. Signs about love
    Not sure these have a purpose besides making me happy
  7. Little mushroom magnets
    Because they make me feel like a gnome living in a woodland wonderland
  8. A beet
    Why not
  9. Strawberry magnets
    I still have these on my refrigerator
  10. A cupcake!!!
    A very decadent project that required lace. Anything that requires lace is a good project in my book.