I'm a little ashamed to write this list but here it goes...
  1. Friends
    This was my first bingey show. My husband's family bought me the whole series on DVD back in the day. There's not a Phoebe Buffey song I can't recite.
  2. The Office
    @AdamT and I watch this most evenings. And still we look at each other in total disbelief of how funny whatever just happened was. I am still fangirling about being part of beta testing List App because somehow it makes me feel like I know Ryan and Kelly.
  3. 30Rock
    I was actually new to this show when I watched it on Netflix this year. And now I am obsessed.
  4. Gilmore Girls
    Everything about this show makes me feel warm and fuzzy. This was another one of my DVD collections that got me hooked (thank you Netflix for decluttering my life.) My best friend and I quote this almost daily and it actually worth quoting. It's witty, smart and always makes me feel happy.
  5. 90210
    This is where shame sets in.....we're talking the original here. I saw it was on Hulu and got so excited because I wanted this as a pre-teen/teen (probably shouldn't have.) And it was everything I expected it to be and more....accept...Hulu is missing so many episodes !! They skip from 21 to 24 and the series finale was missing. Big upset. But if they had all the episodes I might even watch it again.
  6. Stay tuned. There will be more.