I've lived in the south for nearly 5 years and nothing surprises me anymore.
  1. Your Toyota Prius is nearly devoured for breakfast by the pickup truck with 347 inch tires
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    Flames not as uncommon as you'd think
  2. Same truck has a confederate flag flying out the side...
    Or typically one confederate and one American on each side
  3. You find yourself cruising and nearly rear ending the nice person in front of you who felt that your ESP was strong enough to know that a right turn was happening right.....NOW
  4. You breeze past an old car with a pro-life vanity plate that reads "GODLUVS"
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    Just like all good southern states they have a license plate dedicated to this issue
  5. You're on your way to your vegan potluck in the city when the truck coming up your side cuts in front of you, 8 deer hooves sticking straight up toward the sun
    RIP Bambi and Bambi's mom