This year has been especially hard. Although I am grateful for many things, that list is coming, right now I just need to vent in a safe place. And well this feels like that place.
  1. I woke up to a birthday reminder for my rapist.
    And I don't know how to change the setting on my email account to stop reminding me every god damn year that he is still out there.
  2. Trump
    Nuff said
  3. My sister gave up custody of my nieces and nephews yesterday.
    I want so badly to help them and give them a home full of love, but I'm 21 and a student buried in debt. I have no job and no real like to give them.
  4. Insomnia sucks
    I think I have slept a total of 10 hours this week
  5. I miss home
    I go to school 3000 miles away from where I grew up and I just miss my mom!