1. Seth Cohen- The OC
    Funny with phenomenal music taste, I love this man.
  2. Troy Bolton- High School Musical
    If you haven't been in love with Troy for the past 10 years you're lying. @ Troy where is my necklace with the T on it though?????
  3. Jim Halpert- The Office
    Truly a perfect man
  4. Nathan Scott- One Tree Hill
    I would have married him at 17 too
  5. Edward Bloom- Big Fish
    Adventurous, hot, romantic, and loyal :')
  6. Jess Mariano- Gilmore Girls
    A boy who secretly likes books AND secretly works at Walmart!!!!!! Mysterious
  7. Jesse Katsopolis- Full House
    I love him even though he always tried to teach me life lessons!!!!!
  8. Aladdin
    Who knew animation could be so attractive
  9. Coach Eric Taylor
    I would love to see that angry look with no words on the daily