Well, worst character that you're supposed to like.
  1. Peyton Sawyer- One Tree Hill
    Oh my god, Peyton!!!!!!!! You DONT tell your best friend you're in love with her boyfriend!!!!!! Bury that shit!!!!!! Also, lose the tude my girl.
  2. Dan Humphrey- Gossip Girl
    Okay Daniel you left Hillary Duff for VANESSA?????? Smh!!! (Also the end wasn't a plot twist, you were always the worst)
  3. Robin Scherbatsky- How I Met Your Mother
  4. Zoey Brooks- Zoey 101
    Everyone hates you Zoey!!!!! Why are you so bossy!?!?! Also chase is out there looking for you!!!!! FIND HIM!!!!
  5. Dean Forester- Gilmore Girls
  6. Dawson Leery- Dawson's Creek
    Why was this guy so whiny???? What did Joey ever even see in him!?!? At least she made the right decision in the end.
  7. Ross Gellar
    I almost forgot!!!!! The worst!!!!!!!!! You were NOT on a break!!!!!!