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I'm a sucker for nostalgia.
  1. seeing the stars
    It's one of the only benefits of being from the sticks.
  2. playing in the band
    Whether it was marching, concert, jazz, or pep, I absolutely loved it all. Making music as part of a group is wonderful, everyone should get a chance to experience it.
  3. doing any activity without constantly being distracted by my phone.
    We are all phone addicts now, it's depressing.
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I often find myself thinking that odd phrases would be good band names.
  1. Keynote Speaker
  2. Slutty Pumpkin
  3. Lobster Carcass
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  1. the smell of oranges
  2. the sounds of an orchestra tuning
  3. sleeping in with no disruptions
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  1. 😼 the smirking cat is me in emoji form, thus I love it.
  2. 👯 even though the dancing girls now look like Playboy bunnies, it's the perfect way to text your excitement.
  3. 🎉 even happier about something then the dancing girls? The confetti cone one ups them.
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all for Halloween, unless noted.
  1. Statue of Liberty
  2. tap-dancing bee girl from the Blind Melon video
  3. cigarette girl
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