I'm a sucker for nostalgia.
  1. seeing the stars
    It's one of the only benefits of being from the sticks.
  2. playing in the band
    Whether it was marching, concert, jazz, or pep, I absolutely loved it all. Making music as part of a group is wonderful, everyone should get a chance to experience it.
  3. doing any activity without constantly being distracted by my phone.
    We are all phone addicts now, it's depressing.
  4. recording my shows on the VCR
    I know it's archaic technology, but it always felt great when your whole show got taped.
  5. dance class
    I still take classes occasionally, but nothing beat the camaraderie we had going from dancing with the same girls for years.
  6. being able to spell without the constant help of autocorrect.
    Pretty soon, spelling bees will be extinct.
  7. going for a drive
    On the weekends, my parents would often say, let's go for a drive. Being from a town with not so much to do, sometimes the only thing to do was to leave it. We'd usually end up exploring some small town in Wisconsin or Iowa, it was nice to have a change of scenery.
  8. rotary phones
    I just really like that sound of the dial.
  9. having roommates who were/still are great friends whom I'd stay up all night talking with.
  10. playing board games
    I attribute this to the fact that I grew up an only child and my parents didn't play enough board games with me.
  11. good friends who have moved away
    At least they had the decency to relocate to cool places I want to visit. But still, it's never the same.
  12. my grandparents
    My extended family just hasn't been the same without them. Everyone has drifted apart, sadly.
  13. having everyone's phone number memorized
    I bet all those numbers are still up there from junior high.
  14. being blonde and having perfectly straight hair
    I realize there are ways to solve this problem, but they involve far too much maintenance for my taste.
  15. going to the video store
    Browsing for half an hour to pick out just the right movie was an event in itself.