I won tickets to @snoopdogg 's birthday in San Diego. I left at midnight because I had work early Monday, here are the people I saw.
  1. Ryan Schekler
    That skater kid that had a shoe on mtv when he was like 16? He is very short.
  2. Young men in jeans
    I thought they said there was a dress code, I guess not.
  3. Old People
    There were at least 20 people over the age of 50 and they were in the front row!
  4. Men
    The club was like 70% dudes. And no I'm not trying to dance with all of you, or any of you really.
  5. A Snoop Dogg Cutout
    I'm and old lady so I didn't make it til 1:30am when Snoop actually performed, so this is the closest I got.