It's not always just a Millennial thing
  1. Sharing experiences!
    If I'm out and about and having a great time with my friends I want everyone to know it. It's not just "a Millennial thing," it's a human thing; we want to share ourselves, our experiences, with the world so that we can gain a little perspective. Plus, I have really amazing friends. Who wouldn't want to brag about them?
  2. Dealing with nervous energy
    No matter how outgoing someone (read: me) might be, there's still some anxiety being around people. Why not deal with that in a healthy way?
  3. Documenting experiences
    Fun things are happening and sometimes it's cool to look back on them in tough times. Don't hate.
  4. Keeping my hands busy
    Fun fact: not everyone you meet is neurotypical. Some people deal with problems and disorders that don't manifest themselves visibly. For instance, I have pretty severe obsessive-compulsive issues that manifest through a variety of grooming activities. When I've got my handy dandy cellphone, however, I'm much less likely to give in to these tendencies. Neat!
  5. Staying busy during lulls
    Hey, nobody can keep up a conversation forever. Every hangout has its more chill points. Nothing wrong with being ready for those times.
  6. Finding new conversation material
    Again, there are occasional lulls! Being the guy who saves the conversation is excellent and fun, you should try it sometime.
  7. DJing
    About 50-60% of the time I will be playing music. If I'm with people and hanging out there will be music in the background. Just accept it and jam out with me.