I challenge you to do this yourself!
  1. Today is Pi day, 3.14
  2. 3
    Times I have been married
  3. Point
    I often don't have one
  4. 1
    Times I have kissed a woman, in a sexual manner
  5. 4
    Colleges I attended before I got my Bachelor's degree
  6. 1
    "Parent" I have left; my stepmom.
  7. 5
    Children we began raising together when my husband and I got married in 2002. (He had one more son who was raised by the son's mom)
  8. 9
    How old I am. +40
  9. 2
    Number of 16 year old girls I have
  10. 6
    Number of children we have together
  11. 5
    The year I graduated from high school. +80