Inspired by @tombatten and his list about preschool.
  1. I was the "perfect child," in kinder. I loved going, and I was so smart.
  2. Of course the teacher loved me, and I always got 🙂 on all of my papers
  3. Day after day, "Becky is SO smart 🙂." Becky got ALL of the answers right 🙂!" "Another perfect paper! 🙂"
  4. After awhile, I got tired of all the damn SMILEY FACES!
  5. For one day, I decided in my little "perfect" head, to try to get ALL frowny faces on my papers. 🙁
  6. That day, I did NOTHING right. It hurt, but I circled things that didn't start with a G.
  7. I colored outside of the lines, or scribbled all over the page.
  8. I glued things on backwards, and pretended I didn't know my ABCs
  9. At the end of the day, I felt SO gross for not showing how much I knew. I decided it was NOT for me.
  10. The next day, I got ONE paper back with a 🙁. I didn't think much of it.
  11. About a week later, my mom and dad called me into their room.
  12. The said Miss Layman had shown them all of my pictures with frowny faces on them. They wanted to know what was wrong with me, and why I was so sad.
  13. The teacher and my parents (I found out when I was older,) seiously thought I had a brain aneurysm, or some personality disease.
  14. I looked at them seriously and said "I was just tired of happy faces, and wanted to get a frowny face on a paper."
  15. As I got older, and after becoming a teacher, I realized that this is actually common among bright students.
  16. Sometimes, we assume something serious is wrong, but if we just asked our children, it might be a simple answer.
  17. Sometimes you just want to NOT be so perfect, and occasionally get a 🙁.