My MIL decided to combine a 10 year old's birthday, and my husband's (51st) birthday with a cookout today
  1. Everyone who was there began eating at 530
    They told US to come at 6
  2. When we arrived, there were burnt shoe- leather steaks
    And a pile of charred hamburger meat
  3. It was all cold
  4. There were baked potatoes
    But no other condiments for them...not even butter
  5. There was cooked corn on the cob
    That hadn't been "cleaned" or shucked. And again, no butter
  6. That was it.
  7. A cat jumped onto my plate, there was a bug in my food, and it was hot inside the house.
  8. The birthday cake, for a combined birthday, was white cake with raspberry filling.
    Neither of the birthday people likes raspberry
  9. The candles on the cake made a "10."
    No acknowledgement of my husband's age
  10. The girl got presents worth over $200
    Plus the birthday party yesterday that cost over $200
  11. My husband's gift: A card and a Reese's peanut butter egg. Easter themed.
    Wait...he just showed me that it isn't even REESE'S
  12. My husband has never felt so ignored by his mother for his birthday.
  13. I am so angry at her!