I am very outgoing on the outside, however; inside, I am terrified of talking to people one on one, or starting conversations with strangers.
  1. My family and I were invited to a graduation party at the home of a friend I graduated HS with in 1985.
  2. He and I have remained friends for 30 years, so to speak.
    I know his wife and know about his kids, but our families don't, like, hang out
  3. My kids don't know his family at all
  4. We showed up at the party, and were greeted at the door by the son.
    He half smiled and said hi, not knowing who we were.
  5. We walked into a living room full of SILENT teenagers
    Who all turned and looked at us, and said not a word.
  6. We walked into the kitchen where there was food, to meet my friend and his wife. She is a twin. There was another group of silent people who were whispering to each other.
  7. I walked up to the wife, gave her a little hug and say "Hi Staci. Thanks for inviting us!"
  8. She turned to me and said "Well, I'm TRACI (the twin), but hello!"
    I don't know Traci. At all.
  9. She told me that Staci and Robby were outside.
  10. We went outside, and there was another large group of people. They were all laughing and talking, yet stopped and ALL looked at us.
    I finally said "Hi. I went to school with Robby..."
  11. Luckily, his sisters knew me, and they talked to me a little, and then Staci came over.
  12. Robby was across the yard, grilling, with a big bunch of guys.
  13. Staci yelled "Robby!!" and pointed to my head.
  14. Everyone looked.
  15. My family, meanwhile, disappeared behind me
    Including my "social butterfly" husband!
  16. Robby came over and said hello. It was awkward. He went back to grilling.
  17. We got some of the freshly grilled meat, and sat down and ate, by ourselves.
  18. We left after about an hour. Robby and Staci came and talked to us a few times, but that was it.
  19. I went home and had to decompress for a few hours. Thank god for my family.
  20. Of course, this happened, too
  21. Yeah.
  22. Static