Requested by Kate


Requested by @kate81 , in response to my list of things I haven't done THINGS I HAVE NEVER DONE
  1. I survived domestic abuse
    My 2nd husband was mentally, emotionally, and mostly financially abusive to me and I wasn't even aware. I thought it was normal. He eventually kicked me inthe stomach a few weeks after a hysterectomy, made me fall off the bed and broke my tail bone.
  2. I kissed a few girls
    I don't mind kissing girls, but I'm straight for the most part.
  3. I have been a swinger
    It's something my husband and I tried for a few months. He didnt like it, so we quit. I loved it
  4. I graduated from college
    Took 10 years, but I did
  5. I was a teacher for 10 years
  6. I've been married 3 times
    1st one I was 20 and thought a renegade would make the IDEAL husband. After bailing him out of jail for dumb stuff like traffic tickets and shoplifting TOO MANY times, my parents helped me leave. Met and married 2nd husband who was financially stable, but a little bit controlling. Then he became VERY controlling and mean. For the rest, see 1. above. After divorcing him, started dating an acquaintance of ex's, and we have been married for almost 14 years
  7. I've had an online relationship that lasted more than a few years, but has always been and will be online. My husband knows. I feel guilty, but haven't changed anything.
  8. I have raised 5 of 6 children
    I've raised all 3 of my biological kids and 2 of my husband's children since they were 2 and 3. Together we have raised 5 kids
  9. I have a VCH piercing
  10. I have become a midlife orphan. I lost my dad in 2001 and my mom in 2011.
  11. Hope this is good. It's kind of sad. Didn't mean it to be.