I will be 49 in a few weeks (I know. You'd never know it by lookkng at me! 😜).In my nearly 50 years, I am surprised that there are things that I should have done by now. And now there's a follow up to this, with things I HAVE done THINGS I HAVE DONE. Yeah
  1. I've never been inside an Ikea
  2. I've never been out of the US, except for on a cruise that went to Cancun, Cozumel, Honduras and Belize
  3. I've never had a passport
  4. I've never broken a bone (except for my tail bone which was broken for me)
  5. I have never been inside an ambulance
  6. I have never lived by myself
    Parents to college to other parents to first husband to parents to second husband to third husband. Wow
  7. I've never seen or been involved in a major car wreck
    It's true. I've never seen one happen. I've driven by some bad ones, but never saw one happen
  8. I'm sure there are more...will continue
  9. K