My mother in law is a sweet woman, and means well (I'm pretty sure), but she has ZERO filter, and almost always insults. Do you have one like me? Please add!
  1. Last night at her Christmas party, I had just walked in the door. Her: WHAT'S WRONG? Me: Nothing, why? Her: YOUR EYES! THEY'RE ALL BLACK Me: I have eye makeup on.
  2. One night while discussing how my husband's father had abused him, my MIL said to my husband, "But he loved your BROTHER!"
  3. Years ago, I told my MIL that I did some Glamour Shots (I know) in a football jersey for my husband. Her response : "they found one to fit you?" (I am not obsese)
  4. My MIL asked our then 18 month old daughter "who do love more, your mommy or your daddy?"
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  5. My MIL said of her then teenage granddaughter "where did this butterball come from?"
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  6. Ugh! This one time I was trying to explain that something wasn't good for her son's asthma and she swiped her finger on my entertainment center and said, "This dust isn't good for his asthma either. 😳😬
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