1. My husband got a new employee today
    He installs phones and data systems in businesses
  2. My husband picked the new guy up for work.
  3. As he gets into the vehicle, and as they are barrelling down the highway at 70mph, the new guy says:
    "Man. Let me know when you do your taxes " My husband said "Why? Do you know a CPA?" The new guy said "No, I just know you get a tax break for hiring felons"
  4. My husband and was like:
    0137c35c d3d0 403c a4b3 030e36a627a4
    (turns out it was only for drugs, but still) 😳
  5. Got any like this?
  6. At an interview with my firm, please don't a. show up drunk and b. use racial slurs when describing past employment experiences. True story.
    Suggested by @eriknmichaelssrn