Fictional Boyfriends: Television Edition: Jon Snow from HBO's Game of Thrones

A weekly series where I talk about my fictional MCM.
  1. He's super hot!
    Like, really hot.
  2. He knows where to put it.
  3. Like that thing Ygritte likes.
    You know, with the lips.
  4. His hair is pretty great.
    Better than mine at least.
  5. He's a family man.
    There's no denying his love for his siblings and father. He may refuse to call himself a stark, but his loved ones refuse to see him as a bastard.
  6. He likes dogs.
    Direwolf? Do you mean #BabeMagnet?
  7. You'll always feel safe when he's around.
    He's a pretty good fighter. Wildings? No problem. White walkers? Bring it! Bolton army? Come at him, bro! Traitorous night watch brothers? Well he's alive and no one will dare cross him now.
  8. He's available!
    Thank the Lord of Light!
  9. Bonus gif just because: