Things I can do after Graduation

As some of you may know, I'm graduating in December and I have no clue what to do after. I thought I would do some brainstorming here.
  1. I ca do an internship.
    Maybe someone will want me after graduation since no one wants me now.
  2. I can join the Peace Corps.
    My family would hate it but I've really been considering it.
  3. I can continue to write and work wherever I can find it.
    At least until I sell a few screenplays. Every artist has a day job, am I right.
  4. I can start a lifestyle blog.
    That's a million dollar business right?
  5. Maybe I can work 2 jobs and work my ass off to save enough money and travel the world.
  6. I always wanted to own my own B&B/ event center.
    I have a friend who wants to be an event planner. We can start our own business.
  7. I can try to get the funding and equipment to make my own web series.
  8. I can become homeless.