Day 1 of the 30 day writing challenge
  1. Mystery Sharing --i.e. Prayers please
    Ok, what's going on?? You know you want to tell us, so just do it already. No need to be all dark and mysterious.
  2. Commenting on a celebrities post
    They are not going to read it! Why make a comment when you have nothing nice to say to them, or too other people that support them? Why are you following them? Get over it, it's not your problem. Slap, slap, bitch shut-up already!!
  3. Status updates about being sick & then going out in public later that day
    Wtf? Are you sick or are you just a complainer?? If you post that you are sick and staying home, stay there until you feel better ... Don't go infecting all of us!! And, I promise staying home and in bed all day and night would do you some good!!
  4. Friends who track friends/followers etc
    How do you have time to do that? Why do you need a tracking program? Not everybody needs to be your friend on social media that is your acquaintance. Why do they need to share your life with you on social media when they don't in real life?!?!
  5. Social Media Stalkers that don't know how to do it on the DL
    We all do it, everyone knows we all do it. You meet someone new, friend them on Facebook, see who you friends in common are, and go dig around in the old pictures... But for crying out loud, there is no need to like anything that is more than 3, maybe 6 months old!! Such bad etiquette!! And you wonder why people unfriend/follow you!!