Day 2 of the 30 Day writing Challenge. Earliest Memories ... Decided to make a list of memorable ones
  1. Birthday
    Yellow Rose Skating party!! It was in 1985, and the city of Corpus Christi had frozen over. Icicles hung from all around the house. The home phone rang all morning with guests verifying it was still ago, and it was!! So much fun!
  2. Traveling
    I remember being 9, and the family went to Florida for a glass convention with dad. We must have flown, because I don't remember us driving. I remember going to Epcot, but never making it past like the Mexico section.
  3. Family
    Being in the backseat on the floor of mom's grey colored Buick singing Neil Diamond. I never could sit still in the car or in a car seat, so I remember sitting on the floorboard in the backseat back to the driver or passenger seat. Neil Diamond was always playing in Mom's car then.
  4. First time Flying Solo
    I was 15 years old and flying to Denver, Colorado for the NHI Youth Legislative Session at Colorado State in Fort Collins. The nice part was that of course other people were on the flight headed their also, so I made friends along the way!
  5. Aggie Football Game
    It was 1985 and A&M was playing LSU at Kyle Field. The game was electrifying, with A&M pulling out the win. After the game some LSU fans were still talking trash and I have this vivid memory of Rubi yelling "in your Face, LSU!" Dad swooped her up and we hauled out of there.