You have 10 - 30 seconds to impress a woman, why would you hurt yourself with a picture that doesn't put your best foot forward?
  1. An Ass
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    Yes, that is a given!
  2. Cartoon Characters
  3. Your kid(s)
  4. Your vehicle/motorcycle
  5. Your tattoo
  6. A Horse, cock or any other animal
    The Ass should have covered but just in case.
  7. The Highway
    Because that is where I'll be sending you!
  8. A selfie in a bathroom mirror or a mirror in the gym
  9. A picture of you with 3-5 buddies
    How do we know which one you are? Help yourself out and put I picture of just you.
  10. Picture of you with a girl
    Who is she? Your wife? Girlfriend? Daughter?? I don't even want to open up to find out.
  11. Black & White Silhouette
  12. Naked pictures
    And don't ask for one of me... That's never gonna happen.
  13. Blurry pictures
    Seriously, you don't have a friend that can take a nice picture of you?
  14. Sports team logos
  15. The original picture
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    Yes, that tells me so much about you! Let me swipe... Left!!
  16. Celebrities
    Including actors, athletes, reality and other personalities, uhm no!!
  17. Guns, fishing poles, boats, 4 wheelers, etc