Nonfiction books by women often don't get good treatment by publishers and for a variety of reasons are overlooked. Here are some that I've read that I'd recommend.
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    This was a practical book and I appreciated that.
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    Really interesting book that gives Thor history of Blackberry and smartphones in an historical context and then dissects the reasons for its collapse.
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    When you read this you get a full appreciation for how badass RBG is and how she's been playing the long game.
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    As an historian, Jill Lepore looks for the untold stories. The stories are often untold because they are centered on women. History is more comfortable with men at the center of the story.
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    This book is a great dive into the science behind decision making. I hate the title because it genders the book in a way that makes it unappealing to men.
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    This book is such a thorough examination of how our entire judicial system is broken. Whether it's the fact that 95%+ of people in jail never had a trial or that the majority of people in prison are men of color who possessed a small amount of weed (amounts that are now legal in many states) - this book is thorough and eye opening.
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    Reading about how politics and business changed the way we ate during important, formative decades. Pretty cool. Most of what we think is true is just storytelling.
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    I read this book before it came out as a movie. The story is more complex than the movie (as always) and tells a bigger story. Our space program was dependent on these women to do the intense, complicated math by hand and then history erased their contributions.
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    Reading this book you can't help but think that not much has changed. What was said about Jewish refugees in WWII is the same as for the refugees from Syria. Also, it's horrifying that it took about 140 attempts to get legislation passed to outlaw lynching.
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    Two words: weaponized philanthropy.
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    When women don't write history, women get written out of history. Thankfully this author researched these amazing artists through history to bring them forward.
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    Through the interwoven stories of some police detectives, the author tells a compelling story about how justice can be served and crime can be solved in all communities.
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    This book was really helpful (even though I don't have little kids) for me to rethink and reframe the work week.