If you start barking I'm keeping you in the backyard
  1. Q. What are you eating?
  2. A. I don't know
  3. Q. Where did you get that?
  4. A. In your purse
  5. Q. Do you normally eat things you find in my purse?
  6. A. No, I'm sorry
  7. Q. You know that's dog food right?
  8. A. What?!
  9. Q. What does it taste like?
  10. A. I don't know
  11. Q. You don't believe me do you?
  12. A. No, why would you have dog food in your purse?
  13. Q. I'm asking the questions here, are you going to swallow that?
  14. A. OMG mom, this really is dog food!