Why I'm putting my teenagers up for adoption

  1. Where's my mascara?
  2. Where's my new sweater?
  3. Where are my flip flops?
  4. Where are my ear buds?
  5. Why don't I have any socks?
  6. Where are my leftovers?
  7. Why can't I find a hairbrush?
  8. When will I learn to check for shampoo and conditioner before I get in the shower?
  9. Where is my toothbrush? (Never mind, I'll buy a new one)
  10. I swear I just bought new underwear last week...
  11. "Mom, I know I just had you transfer money yesterday but I just ran out of gas"
  12. "Mom, can you transfer money for Starbucks? I'll get you something"
  13. "Mom, can I have money for the movies"
  14. "Mom, can you transfer $40 cause I took my friends out for pizza I forgot my cash is at home"
  15. "Mom, can you bring me different pants to school, I got dress coded "
  16. "Mom, can you bring me a sweater to school, I got dress coded"
  17. "Mom, I need you to come sign me out of school, I just can't be here "
  18. "Mom, what's for dinner?"
  19. "MOM, MOM, MOM, MOMMY, MOM..."