1. Where's my mascara?
  2. Where's my new sweater?
  3. Where are my flip flops?
  4. Where are my ear buds?
  5. Why don't I have any socks?
  6. Where are my leftovers?
  7. Why can't I find a hairbrush?
  8. When will I learn to check for shampoo and conditioner before I get in the shower?
  9. Where is my toothbrush? (Never mind, I'll buy a new one)
  10. I swear I just bought new underwear last week...
  11. "Mom, I know I just had you transfer money yesterday but I just ran out of gas"
  12. "Mom, can you transfer money for Starbucks? I'll get you something"
  13. "Mom, can I have money for the movies"
  14. "Mom, can you transfer $40 cause I took my friends out for pizza I forgot my cash is at home"
  15. "Mom, can you bring me different pants to school, I got dress coded "
  16. "Mom, can you bring me a sweater to school, I got dress coded"
  17. "Mom, I need you to come sign me out of school, I just can't be here "
  18. "Mom, what's for dinner?"
  19. "MOM, MOM, MOM, MOMMY, MOM..."